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Flaunden Parish Council sets its own budget annually in December for the following financial year. This is done by estimating expenditure including major projects, upgrading existing facilities, ongoing maintenance etc. This is then compared with likely income including the annual precept and grants from County and Borough Councils.


Before setting the budget Councillors determine the precept for the following year, taking into account outside factors such as the rate of inflation, cost of living and the economic climate. Once this has been done priorities are agreed and the budget set.  The latest precept application is shown below.

Precepts for recent years have been:

Year Amount £ Resource Base Band D Levy
2018-19 5,281 173 £30.54
2017-18 5,240 175 £29.94
2016-17 5,299 177 £29.94
2015-16 5,219 174.3 £29.94 


Expenditure is reviewed regularly by Council and compared with the Budget Forecast.


Expenditure is recorded and monitored monthly by the Responsible Finance Officer.   It is audited annually by a company nominated as External Auditors by the Audit Commission for Local Councils in England. In addition to this an Internal Auditor is appointed from outside the village to audit the Parish Council accounts and systems before they are sent to the External Auditor.

Financial Information

The Annual Governance Statement and Accounting Statements for the year ended 31 March 2017 have been approved by the external auditors BDO LLP and so are now considered final.



Precept Request 2018-19 signed.pdf

Precept Calculationt ye 31 March 2019.pdf


Payments & Receipts List ye 31 March 2018.pdf

Forecast v Budget.pdf


Annual Governance Statement 2016-17.pdf

Accounting Statement with RFO Certificate for publication.pdf

Payments & Receipts List ye 31 March 2017.pdf


Annual Return ye 31 March 2016.pdf

Annual Return ye 31 March 2015.pdf

Accounts ye 31 March 15 with Bank Reconciliation.pdf