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Village Diary

You can add items to this Diary by contacting the Parish Clerk, Jack Debnam
Telephone:  07771 766222   Email:

View the Church Website for times of Church Services or click on the Church tab on this website.

Tea and cakes are available for walkers, visitors and local residents on each Sunday from
April to October from 3.00 to 5.00 pm in the Church Room.

Badminton - fun group of rank amateurs meet Thursday evening at the Village Hall - contact the Clerk for details.

Flaunden also provide an email notice board for news of village events, Parish Council notices, 
and other items of interest. 
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Date Time Event Contact
Saturday 30th 7pm Quiz Supper, Flaunden Village Hall Jane Duncan 833581
JANUARY 2020      
Saturday 22nd 10.30 am Annual Litter Blitz

Jill Saunders 833109

SEPTEMBER 2020      
Sunday 6th   Bovingdon Fun Run  julie.bovparishco